Thursday, August 20, 2009

Scooby (TV Monster)

We finished Scooby -- TV Monster -- then in the middle of the night Matthew woke me up and told me no more Scooby - he didn't like the TV Monster. Scooby books did seem a little advanced and maybe too scary when we first started reading them -- now I know for sure! I kind of remember growing up and not being that into Scooby -- I never liked scary things either... like father like son.

Tonight it was back to basics -- 500 words book -- very boring and told him so -- but I also told him it was his decision to read it and if he wanted it we would read it. So I just powered through it quickly. Then a nightcap of a button pressing music Winnie the Pooh book that I had to sing the words too -- of course I can't carry a tune -- so it was not a pretty sight -- or should I say sound...

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