Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Scouts Camping and Lantern Walk

A couple weekends ago Matthew and I went camping with the cub scout group he joined.  Never thought we would be camping in Nairobi!  It was fun with a nature walk, s'mores, capture the flag, and of course a campfire...   Also came across this, not sure what the processional was about, but sure was fun to witness...

Ruby also had her Lantern Walk at the German School.  Just like at Nyack's Little Schoolhouse the kids made lanterns, sang songs, and had a grand ol' time...


  1. Not sure why I'm not getting emails when you guys post... I have the box checked. Ah, well, just have to check more often...

    This. Is. Amazing. Camping?!?! And the parade?! You are on an adventure of a lifetime.


    1. Yes, it's been amazing! come visit!