Friday, February 8, 2013

New Chapter

Yup, one week down, 25 to go!  Started working this week, first full week of work since August. Also today signed the six month contract, so I won't have vacation until July.  Seems really far away, but I am looking forward to this next step.  The job seems very interesting and right in my field and interest.  Also, I am looking forward to working in a different culture and see what is the same and what is different.  So far, not much is different, there are emails, powerpoints, spreadsheets, Visio process charts, etc.  Pretty much the only different thing is a lady brings me lunch every day, kind of weird but eh, I'll take it.  Oh and almost forgot -- I have been fortunate enough for work to provide a taxi to bring me back and forth, it is such a stress reducer to not have to deal with Nairobi's road madness twice a day.  Also of note, is an office mate is going to Paris next week for training and he is freaked out by the cold.  Seems he has never been out of the tropics - I didn't know what to say - I can't imagine what it must feel like to never have experienced winter before and then be thrusted into it.  Actually at first I thought he was kidding with his concern, but then I realized it was genuine fear. 

On the home front, Ruby got sick last night and Rhonda was up with her a lot.  They both stayed home today and went to bed early.  I used the time to catch up on some final season of Entourage episodes.  Good stuff, and the music is always spot-on.  The episode tonight ended with this great song - when I looked it up I couldn't believe it was the Stones....

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