Saturday, August 24, 2013

Picking tea leaves in the Nandi Hills

Finally a short driving day! After our morning trek through Kakamega Forest we had a quick hour or so drive to the Nandi Hills. Our stop for the night was a homey place called Kips Eco Resort, we stayed in a basic lodge right in the middle of the tea plantations. 

The next morning was spent a couple hours exploring the countryside and meeting some tea pickers.

On our walk we stopped by a school and had an amazing time meeting the kids and staff.

Matthew and Ruby were actually quite overwhelmed by all the attention they got. For many of the younger kids it must have the been the first time they saw white kids their age. Some of them were staring at Ruby's eyes, rubbing her skin and seemingly mesmerized by her hair.

can you find Matthew in this picture??!?

Check out the video of Way and Richie leading them in song and games.

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