Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kenny Kamp

visiting the National Museum
As many of you know Uncle Way (Kenny) came to visit us this past summer. The kids had two months off from school so it was a great opportunity for Uncle Way to come visit and spend some time with the family. Back in the US, Matthew and Ruby would probably go to summer camp but here in Kenya it's not so simple - so we figured Uncle Way could run a personalized summer camp!

The kids had a blast all summer with him.  Uncle Way kept them on a tight schedule of fun, games, and learning.

adventure hikes
Some of the key activities were writing, self defense, sports, adventure hikes, drumming, arts and crafts, field trips, learning the months of the year and the planets of the solar system through song, etc.


learning karate
The finished project!
Probably the capstone was at the end of 'summer camp', Matthew's birthday present to Ruby was book he wrote, with Uncle Way as editor. It was an adventure tale on how Ruby made friends with a monkey and all the mischief the monkey caused. Smiles all around!


  1. love your blog. I check it periodically. it's so great to read about uncle way's summer camp! :0)
    Hugs, Mary

    1. it's Mary Hegarty, not sure why it posted as "anonymous" :)