Monday, August 4, 2014


Barcelona is probably the biggest city we have been in on our trip and it has been a blast. After being in smaller towns and villages for a couple weeks we've been enjoying the hustle and bustle of Barcelona. A day after we arrived Carole and Stu and Uncle Kenny came - it has been fun seeing them after being away for many months. We departed on Sunday on a Mediterranean cruise.

on our first day we went to
the beach right in the city

the inside of Gaudi's church
was breathtaking

Gaudi's church lit up
at night - it won't be complete
until 2026
taking a break!

on our anniversary Rhonda and I took a bike tour
ahh - the jamon is so good
happy 10 year anniversary!
Gaudi designed house
in Gaudi designed park
lovin' the puppet show!

late night at the magic fountain

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