Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Parsian irony

Some more exploring was in the cards yesterday. Just outside the core of Paris is a more modern area of the city called La Defense. Within Paris itself there are no skyscrapers (well there is one) so many are located in this area. Also here is a huge arch that contrasts nicely with the Arc de Triomphe. 
Huge Grande Arche in La Defense

On my way back to the city center I biked through a huge park. At some point I turned a corner and there were numerous ladies of night, all in various stages of undress - even though it was broad daylight at 4p in the afternoon right on the main road through the park. Then about 100 yards away was the most sedate, manicured gardens. In here a policeman blew his whistle at me and furiously told me no bike riding. Of course I thought 'do you have any idea what is going on just around the corner!'
No I didn't take pictures of the other activities in the park!

Gorgeous Parsian architecture pops up in the most unexpected places

Viva la France!

Final dinner with Lonnie and friend Sarah - escargot, roast duck, fois gras, and crime brûlée and a Emile Pernot digestif to end the meal in style.  


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