Sunday, May 26, 2013

Exciting week for Matthew and Ruby's quest

Mr Matthew had a busy, busy week.

On Monday he gave a presentation to his class on America. Was he nervous? No way, he couldn't wait for the appointed time. Last weekend could not go quickly enough for him since he wanted to show his class all he knew of the USA. Mommy and Daddy were able to watch him show his presentation skills. I wonder if in 2nd grade they move onto to Powerpoint!?!

The first part is some clips from his practice run - then the real deal...

Next day was the school's spring time concert. Matthew was in the front and center singing and dancing...

This weekend has been filled with birthday parties for Matthew's buddies, so when Ruby came into the bedroom at 6:30a holding her Highlights magazine and pointing to a recipe/picture of apple with oatmeal and declaring that's what she wants for breakfast -- how could I resist???  Problem is no apples in the house and no car to get them -- only solution was for a morning walk to Nakumatt.  So we rounded up a groggy Matthew and charged out for some morning exercise.  2 hours later the troops were happy!

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