Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Going Home

The second half of our Mother/Daughter adventure brought us to New Jersey and New York.  Amazing how a 3.5 hour flight from Minneapolis to Newark can feel like a trip to the grocery store!

Cousins Reunited
Going home after 8 months of acculturating elsewhere is a mixed bag. It was surreal being home with a life in play on another continent. Life must've been simpler when people had to spend a month on a boat, taking in the physical journey to get there with time for your psyche to make the journey, too.

Even as I was walking around a bit like a ghost, Ruby grounded me. Having a fellow sojourner cross into the other dimension with me helped. Then, of course, were the people we love. Seeing everyone was like reclaiming parts of myself that have been in hibernation since August. I think it was the same for Ruby. I've never seen her so talkative and open with her friends.

Best Buds Reunited

What a reminder of how much we need people - how different we are when we are in community.

Now back in Nairobi, Ruby asked someone to play on the playground yesterday at school. And she made some children laugh while they jumped together on the trampoline (or so she tells me).  A big step for her, as she's been quite shy since coming here.  I suspect it has a lot to do with the many loving children who greeted her with open arms and warmth when we were home. I think she remembers other parts of herself, too, and feels a little more confident as a result of all of those hugs.  

Unexpected ballet class with neighbors
First Sleepover with a soul sister!
Nothing like good friends to lift you up

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