Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Luvin' Lucerne

After a lazy, easy-going morning on the farm we headed off to Lucerne for a couple hours of sightseeing. It's a gorgeous city, right on a lake with a lot of medieval buildings and wooden bridges crossing the Reuss River. After a yummy picnic lunch of amazing cheese, smoked fish, baguettes and LOTS of fruit we headed off to wander.

ahh cold, clear, and SAFE drinking water -
right out of the fountains
famous wooden bridge and watch tower

The kids were able to get their ya-yas out too on the street art...

After our explore around Lucerne we headed to a glass factory. Here we had a grand time, the kids did glass blowing... It will be interesting to see if we are actually able to bring this glass bubble home in one piece after 6 weeks through five countries!

watching the tradesmen make glass

finding our way through a glass labyrinth - only 2 hurt noses and foreheads!

2 story high marble run

water cannons

controlling your own water fountains

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