Friday, June 27, 2014

Stroll through Switzerland

Today was spent at Ballenberg - a open-air museum showcasing architecture and crafts from old time rural Switzerland. I appreciated how well done all the exhibits and demonstrations were. A sampling of what we saw was bread making, textile weaving, sculpting, chocolate making, woodworking, making musical instruments, etc. The setting was magnificent, nestled in a valley surrounded by the Swiss alps with waterfalls cascading down.

Here's a short video with mom and daughter learning to weave on a loom and some of the cool machinery in action.

sawing off a piece of wood in the shape of Switzerland

On our way back to town we happened across the longest playground slide ever - it was like a real-life version of Chutes & Ladders!

The view was also real nice.

Normally we have been eating at the apartment we rented (since even a pizza costs north of $20) but tonight we 'splurged' by getting burgers and falafels at the cheapest place in town. Afterwards we wandered through the streets and enjoyed a glass of wine while the kids clambered over another playground.
lovely walk after dinner in Sarnen
Tomorrow we are off to Tuscany!

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