Sunday, May 31, 2015

Exploring Paris

The past day or two has been a nice relaxed blend of eating and touring. Yesterday Kev and I went to the Montmartre Museum which is near Lonnie's neighborhood - lots of paintings and history from the revolutionary and Moulin Rouge periods. 
The grounds of Montmartre Museum

And spent quality time shopping and checking out neighborhoods. 
Waiting patiently for a baguette
They actually taste as good as they look

Rented a bike and tooled around the city for a bit

At a Market, Lonnie and I got paella, some Lebanese food, and roast lamb. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Good food, good friends, good sights!

Friends of Lonnie's told us going to an auction house would a neat experience,  so yesterday afternoon we thought we'd check it out. We walked in and felt a bit out of place - most people were dressed to nines but it was a unique experience. At one point we even saw a Renior sold for about 67k euros. There were many different rooms with assorted collectibles  up for auction, from period clothes to furniture to comic books.
Auction house action 

Earlier in the day, Kev and I walked around the neighborhood and checked out the local shops and purchased this nice spread for lunch. 

Later we met up with Lonnie and had drinks and dinner with some of his friends. 
Drinks and foie gras with one of Lonnie's fellow professors

Vietnamese dinner

This morning I got out a bit earlier, rented a bike and found a market to sample and did a bit of exploring. 
Teaching kids about cheese making at a market 

Came across this artist doing his craft 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Extra time in Paris

Got very lucky on my flight out to Paris... When I arrived at EWR, an earlier Paris flight was still at the gate and since I didn't check any baggage they let me on. Saved about four hours as I got to Lonnie's at 10a this morning instead of after 2p. Since Lonnie's working during the week, Kev and I went to a cafe and had a long walk along the Seine and took short boat tour. 

Kev on Patio @ Lonnie's flat

River boats along the Seine 

Later, after Lonnie's work we met up with his friends and had a great dinner in a local restaurant. His friends are friends with the chef and we were treated right. I had perfectly cooked fish with fennel and the wine was flowing. We chatted about the FIFA soccer scandal and I was curious whether Europeans thought the US was getting involved where it wasn't America's business, but they favored the recent actions as they believed the organization is hopelessly corrupt. 

Getting ready for a good meal!