Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ruby's 5!

Ruby had a grand day on her birthday!  The day before we hosted a party for her and some friends at a local place with a gorgeous garden/yard.  It's usually a pretty mellow place with people birdwatching and reading - until Ruby's party that is!  We got hushed once or twice - but that wasn't going to deter the celebration. Uncle Way sang some songs with Richie on the drum, the kids did a little limbo...

Rhonda led the kids in the popcorn game, the kids loved a mix and match safari card Richie had put together
Way showed he's a wizard with balloon-making:

Then it was time for a fab cake:

After cake we weren't done - Rhonda and kids had fun on the swing:

and then there was even an impromptu concert and dance performance:
The next day (Ruby's real birthday), Way and Richie took the kids for frozen yogurt.

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