Friday, September 6, 2013

Kericho and then animals galore!

After the Nandi Hills we drove down through sugar cane fields and then back up to our next stop - Kericho. The sugar cane grows at a lower altitude while tea grows at a higher one. In town we stayed at the Tea Hotel. Seems it was built in the early '50's and it has not seen one iota of renovation since. But still you can appreciate the grandeur of what it once was. The outside was gorgeous with lovely gardens and tea plantations in the distance.

gardens of Kericho Tea Hotel -
it was our anniversary. Thanks to
Matthew for taking a great picture.
The next day we continued onto the Mara, half the ride was on fairly smooth roads and the second half was horrid.
random shot from somewhere on the drive to the Mara
pooped after too many days in the van
But when we got to our cabin overlooking the Mara - Matthew and Ruby spotted giraffes right away...
what they were watching...

Matthew and Ruby enjoyed trying to make an extra buck to try and offset our expenses.

After a couple safaris so far in Kenya we were finally able to see cheetahs - Matthew's favorite animal.
for real!
 also hippos and elephants
hundreds off them everywhere you looked

One of the highlights of the trip was seeing the wildebeest migration.

As for the actual Mara River crossing, the first day tried our patience as you have to wait until they decide to brave the river. We waited for many hours with dozens of other safari vehicles.

 But then they went! We cheered them on like it was a football game!

We were very happy

 Later on we saw a couple gruesome scenes...
Coming across 25+ giraffes ambling across the landscape made for a more serene experience,
and inspired a quick musical photo montage...

The warthogs were also a favorite.
After these couple days in the Mara we headed back to Nairobi for a quick rest before the beach...

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