Friday, September 7, 2012

Ruby and Matthew’s Note about Nairobi

Acacia Tree
I like Kenya and I really want to go to ISK, the American School in Kenya.  I may go to Braeburn Garden, the British school.  I like the flat trees, the Acacia trees.  Mommy likes the Jacaranda trees (Matthew). 

I liked where we had Shabbat last week.  I loved that there were kids, and I played with them.  I liked Jacob, the older of the children (Matthew).  And, I liked Layla (Ruby).  I played basketball with Jacob (Matthew), and they had a trampoline (Ruby).  They had a soccer field in their backyard.  Jacob said living in Nairobi is good.  We were going to play soccer, but we forgot and then when we remembered again it was dark outside.  In the darkness there are snakes, but they can’t eat us (Matthew).
Feeding Monkeys, City Park
We have so much toys, and we have a playroom in our apartment.  There’s one bed in the playroom. We also could play "Restaurant” (Ruby).  I’m the waiter (Matthew).  We play that game with all our animals.  They are the customers (Ruby).
We have a balcony (Matthew).  We have a table on our balcony (Ruby).  We are on the 3rd floor. The apartment building goes up to the 4th floor (Matthew).  I like that we have so many things while we’re sleeping to protect us.  Next to the first gate there’s a store where you can buy water bottles (Ruby).  There is a metal gate that’s green, and no one can get through unless the security guards let them in (Matthew).  We have a blanket on our couch, and it is yellow, green and orange (Ruby).
We have a pool near our apartment, and it’s not heated.  Usually I just slip right in, and I start swimming.  Daddy just jumps in, and it makes a big splash.  I can only stand where the wall is, the shallow end.  Usually I swim out of the shallow end to swim where I can’t stand (Matthew).  
Sheldrick Trust Elephant Orphanage
One day we went to see the elephants, but we missed the part of the cute little baby ones at the elephant orphanage.  When we first came, we saw only one little baby elephant.  But then we saw a group of teen-ager elephants (Matthew).  An elephant squirted mud on my arm and my leg (Ruby). 
Giraffe Manor
Next we visited giraffes.  I could give the giraffe the food, and he can lick it off my finger, but I didn’t want to.  He had a black tongue.  Then, there appeared a warthog (Matthew). 

I saw a monkey that stealed a bag of peanuts from Robin. It was funny (Ruby).  We saw so much monkeys I could not even count them.  Like Ruby said, one monkey stole a bag of peanuts from Robin (Matthew).  A monkey was sitting on my sandal (Ruby).  There is like thousands of monkeys in Africa.  I fed the monkeys, and one took a peanut right off my hand.  His hands felt like people’s hands, but they were a lot smaller (Matthew).  A monkey got a mango from a market that was close to the park where all the monkeys were (Ruby).

We have a lot of drivers, and I’ll tell you their names: Wilson, Julius and Steve. They are nice. I like Steve the best because he’s friendly to me and he knows my name better (Matthew).

Matthew and Ruby




  1. tell Matthew and Ruby hi from Ava and Jonah!! Love this post! XOXO

  2. Leela says hi too! We just read this post together, she loved the monkey pic! (((hugs))))

  3. Oh what a beautiful adventure! Im so happy you have this blog :)

  4. Will pass on the "hellos" (and the hugs)! Thank you, dear friends. Matthew and Ruby will be happy to hear from everyone.