Thursday, November 29, 2012

Random update

Obviously life here in Kenya is not all about beaches and safaris... 90% of the time of course is just living life which of course means lots of little moments with the kids that sometime in the way future I don't want to forget.

For instance this morning Ruby comes walking out of her room, "look at me Dad, I am ready for school!"   "No, No, you can't wear that! It's silly to wear non-matching sweat pants under a pretty dress!", I roared back.  The back story was that the night before I specifically got out one of her dresses and a matching shirt and matching socks... for the past week or so I have been taking her to school, so I guess I feel little more responsibility to make sure she looks somewhat presentable when everyone at the school sees me walking in with her...  but this ensemble she picked was not what I had picked out!  "Ruby, what happened to the clothes Daddy laid out for you?", I asked.  Ruby said the dress I picked out bothered her back.  We comprised by having her put on a shirt underneath the dress so it would not bother her back and we both went about our day....  Whether what I had her wear matched better than what she picked out, I am not so sure...

Then there was this little gem from Matthew. They are eating breakfast and I am busy preparing snacks/lunches in kitchen and then I think I catch a glimpse of Matthew walking past me into the extra room/bathroom which is off the laundry room .  Of course I am curious to know why he trekked into there since we really don't get in that room much (it's clogged up with our suitcases and such).  Finally he emerges back at the table and I ask where were you?  He said he went into that room to use the bathroom there since "it was the closest".  Now truth be told he really does amaze me with his smarts most of the time, but then I said how come I didn't hear a toilet flush?  "Well, Dad, the flushing thing doesn't work for me when I pull it down", he responses matter of factly.  So me, rather incredulously responds, well then don't you think you should tell me so it doesn't smell like a bus station urinal in a couple hours! Guess we still have some work to do the common sense part!

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