Saturday, May 24, 2014

Things I like to do in school

This post is from Matthew:

I love going to ISK. It is a very fun place to go to school. At ISK you go to school with people from all different nations (Greece, Canada, Germany and even India). In ISK we learn math, reading, science and sportsmanship. I started ISK when I was 6 years old and in 1st grade. My teacher was Ronnie Spilsberry. Now my teacher is Ms. da Conceicao and in 2nd grade. At recess my favorite thing to do is to play 4-square. Then when it is time for swimming it is really fun because we do all kinds of different strokes. But the most fun thing at school is making books. I've made 19 books at home and 3 books at school which adds up to 22 books.

Here is the link to my book about Kenya:

Here is the link to my book on Zanzibar.

Here is the link to my book on South Africa.

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