Saturday, April 27, 2013

On Our Own!

Yes, Rhonda and Ruby have departed for a visit (and work) back to the states.  Ruby has been super excited, counting down the days every morning and night - you can tell by this big smile...

onward and upward!
It will be interesting to see how it goes since the buddies (Matthew and Ruby) haven't been away from each other for this long - I think ever...

I figure the key is keeping Matthew busy.  So while Ruby is gallivanting across the Midwest and East Coast, living it up, I'll have to have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to keep the boy from feeling sullen with the loss of his compañero.  First thing I did was plan a long weekend to Dubai - what could be more fun than indoor skiing, huge waterparks, four wheeling over dunes, and sandboarding!  He seems pretty excited, at least 1/2 as excited as me!

But first we have a week and a weekend to go.  Today we started off by visiting his campus and playing a little aerobie
and then we were planning on meeting up with his friend to play some baseball but the pool was too inviting.  Turns out three of his classmates showed up also - so it turned into a four hour swim marathon.  It's very cool to see your kids playing endlessly with some friends without a care in the world.
Wasn't too bad for dad either - got some good down/reading time, chatted with some other dads and tired him out enough that he was passed out asleep by 7:30.  
Now to see what shenanigans we can cook up for tomorrow!

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