Sunday, April 28, 2013

out and about around Nairobi

phew! what a day...

started off by visiting a used car market.  of course when trying to get directions to there no one knew what I was talking about until someone said the "car bazaar?"  Yes, yes, that is it.  It's so key to get the terminology down.  Another example is when I had to get a couple gift certificates - but no one had them or knew what they were - that is because they are called gift vouchers.

Anyway, back to our day.  We took a matatu and boda-boda (motorbike taxi) to get to the car market.

The car market was a good place to compare many different vehicles in once place and get an idea of the going rate.  Funny, in Kenya, a car is 'new' if it has not been driven in Kenya before - of course they are usually at least three year old used cars from Japan. 
Matthew was more interested in the loads of fruit being sliced and diced, though.
This was my favorite - and Rhonda thought parking our Hilux was tough.

Then off we went to Sarit and a bookstore so Matthew could use his gift voucher.  Woo-hoo for him, he got the voucher for coming in 2nd place in his grade for his book about birds playing.
 After much deliberation between a book about outer space and a globe he went with the globe. Ahh, a boy after my own heart.

In our travels we ventured through a roadside market
Then we made our way downtown via bus and visited Nairobi's Central Park, not quite the Sheep's Meadow but pleasant nonetheless.
Eventually we found a carnival / festival, but I think it's this way every weekend.
Seems like all of Nairobi was out enjoying the afternoon.

Matthew thought he'd try the swing ride.

Slowly we meandered over to the synagogue for their Lag BaOmer celebration.  In addition to rolling our own pitas and grilling them (yum!) there was a bonfire and bows and arrows. After one too many marshmallows we called it a day...

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  1. I guess when the cat's away, the mice will ride matatus!!!