Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rhonda in Ronda!!!

saying goodbye to Germany
On Ruby’s birthday we flew from Germany to Spain. We left cool/rainy/misty Germany in the morning and landed in a boiling hot Spain in the early afternoon – what a contrast!

After a couple hours of driving we arrived in our first place in Spain. Rhonda wanted to visit Ronda, Spain to see if the town lived up to its name - we are happy to report it did! We had a wonderful apartment right in the center of the action. The town itself is divided into two sections separated by a huge gorge and hugging a cliff. It was spectacular setting. The town also felt quite manageable – not too small and not overwhelming.

Since it was Ruby’s birthday – we celebrated at a bakery around the corner with lots of treats. Ruby was very happy with chocolate mousse and ice cream.
birthday celebration

Ronda's bullfighting ring
The next day we explored more of Ronda and had some great tapas nearby the apartment.
eating tapas

Another day we took a drive to a close village nestled on a hill with a castle. The towns in this region are known as white hill towns since all the houses are white and they make a striking backdrop to the landscape.
enjoying the view from Zahara's
(a white hill town) castle
In the afternoon we found a local swimming area – it was fun to relax and jump in the water.
We also found time to all get haircuts!

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