Thursday, July 10, 2014

Traveler vs Tourist

View of the Inn River valley
really large bell that almost blew
out our ears
Yesterday while walking through Hall, Austria Matthew asked if we were Travelers or Tourists? That was a tough question. To me I thought we were Tourists. Not really sure why or what the difference is but it seems a Tourist is more on a shorter term journey while a Traveler is going on a journey for a much longer length of time, with maybe also an added element of self-discovery. I suspect that could be true for us too, well in any case it made for an interesting discussion.
Hall, Austria

finding the world's largest coin
We have been having a nice time in Austria, appreciating the ease of living. There have been a couple of language complications but in general things have been easy, with good roads, nice sights, and yummy food.

The one downer is that the weather the past couple days has been rainy - so our big plans to hike the Alps have been put on hold. Matter of fact yesterday there was a new coating of snow high up the mountains which we can see from down here in the valley. Luckily we have been kept occupied with some swimming at a gorgeous indoor pool, some museums and practicalities like doing laundry.
while we were in Innsbruck there was a car
accident - to move the car they just hoist it up...
baroque facade in Innsbruck

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