Monday, July 21, 2014

Rivers, Roads & Rails

We have a great kids game called Rivers, Roads & Rails - its made by a German company Ravensburg - and basically you arrange tiles that connect various combination of rivers, roads, and rails to see how long it can go. Throughout our time in Germany we've been appreciating how much the German countryside and the villages remind us of the tiles in the game.
typical German countryside scene
Coincidentally near where we staying in southern Germany, Ravensburg built an amusement park, and since we appreciate their games so much we figured the park would be a great. So paid a visit and had a blast. 
This was the kids favorite - driving around.
Coming close second was the
opportunity  to  make our own chocolate.
Matthew taking notes
for his guide books in front
of Lindau's town hall.
The first city we visited in Germany was Lindau. It is right on the border of Austria and Switzerland. The old town is on an island in Lake Constance and while we were there the city was celebrating their annual festival. We enjoyed the music, food, and a pedal boat ride in the lake.

This area of Germany has a great climate to grow fruit - we passed rows and rows of cherries, grapes, blueberries, raspberries, plums, etc. There were many farmstands and we were in heaven with the bounty as Ruby can attest!

Our last stop in this region was the city of Constance. A favorite statue was this provocative piece guarding the harbor. 

view of the lake and the city of Constance from the Cathedral

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